Being Part-Time Equality and Diversity Officer at the SU

Hello! I’m Delphi, the new Equality and Diversity Part-Time Officer at the Students Union. I’m a third-year Fine Art BA student – usually found in my studio space in CSAD. My practice as an artist is all about identity, and it makes me really happy to be representative in our universities identity.

At the Quality Enhancement Conference!

Even though I’ve only been a PTO for a month, my role as Equality & Diversity officer has been so rewarding for me, and I’m really excited to see how it develops over the year. I had an amazing time during our training week, meeting the rest of the SU team and bonding over our goals and passion for our roles. It was planned brilliantly and I think we all benefited as a team from the range of skill-building workshops to the night at Bingo Lingo!

The Team
Team building at an Escape Room!


My first event is a little art exhibition to recognise Mental Health Week, which will include a range of creative work from students on different courses. After this display, I’ll be using any feedback to evolve my plans for future events. These plans include a bigger art happening to celebrate International Black History Month in February, including a great opening event for the work, following some other collaborative work with Martin this October. I am also planning a similar set-up for International Women’s Day in March. These exhibitions will all be on display in the CSAD Foyer show space. In all my creative capacities I will be working closely with the other SU employees and especially the CSAD Rep Mark Tagara.

Photo 06-09-2019, 21 08 18
Bingo Lingo with Madame President, Vice President, CSAD Rep, & the Environmental Officer

In addition to these artistic endeavors I’m aiming to host regular talks from students, staff and guest speakers on a diverse range of topics. I myself will be hosting my talk on reclamation of language and the usage of slurs, which I hope to deliver in December in recognition of International Disabled Persons Day. Being afforded the opportunity of this position as a disabled, LGBT woman means the world to me, and that I have the chance to speak about my own experience in our university and planet at large.

I am really keen to use my position to uplift the voices of other marginalised people to celebrate diversity in all its beauty. This role is so exciting for me and I hope I do it justice over my year!


We had a great Freshers Week, with myself and Nika, our Global PTO, kicking off our week by talking to the new CSAD students about our experiences with the Constellation and Field modules respectively. I really enjoyed my little chat and it was a good opportunity to meet some of you, and I’m sure I’ll see you around! Later that week we had the Freshers Fayre which was a jam-packed and energetic day where I had a great time meeting societies, new students and filling up on goodies, failing at virtual reality racing and succeeding at spinning wheels for freebies. MetFest came on Friday and I had a great time getting my face painted and bedazzled to set myself up for our silent disco.

I can’t wait to see what this year has in store and if you have any ideas or questions you can always get in touch!

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Delphi Campbell

Fine Art student at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

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